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2017-18 Election of nclca officers

As an organization, we value the engagement of our members in the election of our new leadership and governance. 

This year the following 4 positions are up for election:

  •       Vice President (3-year term)
  •       Marketing Officer (2-year term)
  •       Publications Officer (2-year term)
  •       Recording Secretary (2-year term)

Each of the candidates, the position he/she is running for, the candidate’s position statement, and a photograph of the candidate is listed below. 

Cast your vote by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. on July 7, 2017.


nomination(s) for vice-president

Martin Golson Director, Academic Support | Austin Peay State University

Level 4 NCLCA Leadership Certification 

Qualifications and Current Job Position:

After retiring from the U.S. Army after 23 years’ service, I returned to college, earning my BS in Mathematics Education and my MA Ed in Instructional Technology. I had the opportunity to serve as a tutor while earning my BS. As I started graduate school, I was selected to supervise the newly created learning center at a four-year, public institution. The learning center and I have grown together. For the past thirteen years, while serving as Director, I have relished the opportunity to watch our department grow. We now mentor nearly one hundred student employees annually. They serve as tutors, SLA leaders, Academic Alert counselors, and in other positions helping students succeed. Collectively, they provide support to over half of our institution’s students each year.

Engagement with NCLCA, CRLA, and Others:

While working in higher education, I have enjoyed many opportunities to work with NCLCA, CRLA, and other organizations to promote learning support. These opportunities include:

  • NCLCA Publications Officer (2014 – Present)
  • NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional – Level 4 (2015)
  • CRLA Reviewer for ITTPC Certification (2013 – 2016)
  • NCLCA Treasurer (2012 – 2014)
  • CRLA Tutor Training Certification – Level 3, for our learning center (2012 – Present)
  • NCLCA Brenda Pfaehler grant recipient (2011)
  • National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) Redesign Scholar (2010)
  • Conference presentations
o   NCLCA pre or post conference presentations: 3
o   NCLCA conference presentations: 5
o   Keynote addresses: 2
o   Other national or regional conference presentations: 16
o   Webinars: 5

My Vision for NCLCA:

I feel that we, as members of NCLCA, are incredibly fortunate. We get to help students every day, and we actually get paid to do what we love. We have a wonderful organization, which provides us opportunities to learn from our colleagues, share what we have learned, and conduct research in our field. NCLCA provides guidelines for our professional development and credentials for progression in our field. Now, it is time to become the organization institutions automatically turn to when determining best practices for building and developing learning centers and learning center professionals. NCLCA provides the learning community with invaluable resources. We must expand our membership and our number of affiliates. We must publicize the quality of our research and publications. Everything we do should lead professionals to seek out NCLCA and the expertise we bring to our vocation.

Debbie Malewicki Director, Center for Learning Resources | University of New Haven

Under consideration for Level 4 NCLCA Leadership Certification 

I entered our field as a peer tutor 28 years ago and have served in almost every role that it offers, including my current position as Director of the Center for Learning Resources at the University of New Haven (UNH).  In the last eight years, our team has increased our utilization levels >500% and moved from serving ~18% of our student population to >50% by embracing the metacognitive approach and focusing on student needs.  In 2016, we achieved CRLA Levels I, II, and III certification.  In 2013, I received the Award for Excellence in Student and Faculty Support at UNH, and our team earned the 2016 ATP Program of Excellence Award.

I have presented at national and regional conferences such as the NCLCA, ATP, ACTLA, and NTA on topics ranging from team building to creating partnerships.  My NCLCA presentations include: “Soaring into the World of Marketing” (2015), “What’s Your Image?” (2016), and a 2017 post-conference institute on marketing.

I served as an English instructor in community colleges and research universities, academic advisor, part of a national marketing team, software trainer, and a peer and professional tutor before becoming a learning center administrator and member of the UNH Retention Team.

With a BFA in Creative Writing, BA in English, and MA in English Literature, I am able to design a strong vision for organizations along with a flexible plan for achieving goals.  I learned early the intricacies of educational event planning and execution, and I believe that we could make the Niagara Falls 2018 Conference a fantastic one through a shared vision of the existing and incoming NCLCA Board and members.

I’ve been privileged to learn from some of the best people in our field, yet it wasn’t until two decades into it that I met a colleague during her visit to UNH, became inspired by her work with metacognition, and began growing through participation in the larger learning center community.

My goals in this position would be to increase awareness of the NCLCA, recruitment in it, and attendance at events by helping our colleagues recognize the vast organizational resources and support available.  I’m a frequent contributor to the LRNASST and would love to further impact the future of our field in this role.  If elected, I promise to keep the tradition of open ears and minds that past NCLCA officers have offered to continue a truly collaborative and visionary organization.

Jennifer Pippen Salmon Director of Academic Success Programs | North Central College

Current Position and Qualifications

Hello, my name is Jenny Pippen Salmon and I am interested in the position of Vice President. I am currently the Director of Student Academic Success Programs at North Central College which includes responsibilities in managing the tutoring program, the newly developed supplemental instruction program, all skills-based workshops connected to our first-year experience, and our academic early alert system. I have actively worked in learning assistance for the last 11 years. I learned about the organization when I first began in learning assistance where I was taught the basics of student learning development. The organization really mentored me in my career and I was always welcomed with open arms.

Prior Service

I also was the Professional Development Officer for the organization for two terms where I was responsible for determining proposal acceptance and conference schedule as well as award nominations. I have extensive knowledge of conference planning and execution for NCLCA. In 2008, I was awarded the Brenda Pfaehler Professional Development Grant. With the monies, I implemented a tutoring program which included transformative learning and mentoring principles. Further, I have given multiple presentations during the national conference, including topics of transformational learning, grant development, and structured study environments.

In addition, (and this is my best skill) I have done wedding planning for multiple family members and friends including myself. I throw the best weddings with amazing themes such as my own wedding which encompasses baseball in everything.

NCLCA Vision

One of the aspects I love about NCLCA is its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Whenever I needed help to create a program or even develop a workshop, members across the nation would share their expertise. I really want to expand that helping quality to individuals who are non-members. In the United States, the number of colleges, community colleges, and universities exceeds 4,000 in number. Not all 4,000 of those learning center directors engage with NCLCA. I believe we could develop outreach activities to engage these individuals and help them in their centers. For example, we could develop four packets of information based on different topics such as starting a learning center, developing a supplemental instruction program, and some skills-based workshops. We could send these resources electronically to non-members, alerting them of the organization as well as practically helping them. I strongly believe NCLCA should be the hub of learning centers across the nation and with a little ingenuity, we can accomplish this goal. 

marketing officer

Bill Neater Educational Coordinator, Learning Assistance Center | University of Cincinnati  

Current Position

I currently work in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) at the University of Cincinnati as a Program Coordinator for our peer-led Academic Coaching program. As a part of my expanding role in an office that serves over 5,000 students per semester, I coordinate the First-Year Success Communities in partnership with our College of Education (CECH) as well as coordinating the Academic Alert/Probation program in partnership with four colleges within the university. My position in the LAC also includes guidance over the social media aspect of our office, in conjunction with our marketing goal teams. I am also the co-chairperson for the Service Committee in the UC Division of Student Affairs “Emerging Leaders in Student Affairs” group which runs a large faculty/staff day of service in the greater Cincinnati community. As a part of that role, marketing and media relations form the backbone of our outreach effort.

Prior service, certifications, grants, awards, publications, and presentation with NCLCA

I have served on the Professional Development Committee, Publications Committee, and Marketing Committee for NCLCA throughout the past year. On the Publications Committee, I have worked to ensure that the Guidebook App produced for our conference is up to date and robust with technology that will help our members. My work on the marketing committee was largely focused on social media engagement, building an effective follower base, and using social media as a way to engage our membership. I have been given the opportunity to step into the Marketing Committee Chairperson role recently, and am now involved in marketing for NCLCA Conference, Institutes, and our brand in general. Additionally, I am working on Vendor/Exhibitor relationships and connections at conference along with the marketing associated with related conferences hosted by sister organizations. Lastly, I was a part of the working group that has launched the Ohio College Learning Center Association (OCLCA) which will become a new NCLCA affiliate organization.

Vision for NCLCA

NCLCA is, in my opinion, the premier association for higher education learning center professionals. I would like the opportunity to continue my work in helping develop a marketing strategy for NCLCA that ensures its prominence as an organization dedicated to the learning center professions through our conference and all of the associated work that we do. I want to continue to expand our use of technology and social media as a way to ensure NCLCA is relevant throughout the year, and that our membership is engaged and connected in a meaningful way. 

Publications officer

Gregory Farrell Director of the Learning Resource Center | Borough of Manhattan Community College

Unique Qualifications

  • Over 17 years of academic support service experience as a Learning Center professional
  • Prestigiously selected to participate on the 2015 BMCC Leadership Fellows Program.
  • Nominated as a high achieving manager and selected for training at Cornell University.
  • Award recipient of Title Reclassification in 2004 for increased responsibilities.
  • Serves Chairperson for the BMCC Learning Assistance Committee (3 years)
  • Served as Editor of Learning Assistance Committee & LRC Monthly Newsletters
  • Chairperson for the LRC 2016-2017 AES (Academic, Educational, Student Support) Unit Review
  • 15 year award recipient of the Perkins IV Federal Grant. Ensure college-wide learning assistance programs compliance to grant proposal & operational guidelines.

Professional Affiliations

Member of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA)

Presented at the 2016 31st Annual Conference on “Utilizing Systematic Assessment and Evaluation to Improve Support for the Student Learning Environment”

Member of the Association for Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA)

Presented at the 2017 43rd Annual Conference on “Tightening the Student Learning Shoestring at Your Institution”.

Member of the National Tutoring Association (NTA)

Relevant Professional Work Experience and Qualifications

Director of the Learning Resource Center (Higher Education Officer)

Fall 2013 – Current (3 years 9 months)

Directs operations of the Learning Resource Center while providing academic support services for the College population of over 26,000 students. 

  • Design, implement and monitor a comprehensive student support service program based on targeted academic resources such as tutoring and remediation. 
  • Provide students with over 25,000 hours of tutorial services each semester
  • Administers all curricular, administrative, and financial aspects of the center; oversee design and delivery of various tutorial programs sponsored by the center.
  • Perform outcomes assessment and create plans strategically to develop center offerings. Coordinate a comprehensive evaluation of all LRC services to support student success.
  • Ensures ongoing faculty and staff development to support high quality student services delivery; promotes best practices in field.
  • Manage annual budget; develops proposals and other initiatives for expanded center funding.
  • Serves as primary liaison to faculty and administrators to plan and execute center activities.
  • Manages twelve professional, instructional and clerical staff. Responsible for the overall management of over 100 part-time tutors and supplemental instruction leaders.
  • Oversee all learning assistance, supplementary instruction, and tutoring programs at the college. Write interim and end of year reports for grant funding.

Learning Resource Center, Instructional Computer Services Manager (Associate Director)

Fall 1999- Fall 2013

Generally responsible for the supervision & maintenance of seven instructional computer labs in the Learning Resource Center. Manages a range of academic technologies to support LRC instructional goals. 

  •  Manages and supports the operations of the LRC’s Instructional computer labs that support course specific software and computer training workshops
  • Supports over 12,000 students with over 100,000 hours of instructional lab service each semester
  • Assures successful adaptation of new academic systems within the existing College environment 
  • Oversee online tutoring and e-tutoring functions at the college
  • Prepare statistical reports about LRC performance for senior management
  • Communicates regularly and proactively with the academic systems user community concerning technology needs, new projects, and policies 
  • Recommends and acquires technology upgrades and improvements 
  • Serves as project manager for the introduction of new technology and equipment 

The ICS Manager is also responsible for overseeing the following; coordinating the technologies used in the development and deployment of the LRC’s online tutorial services, managing the technologies used by staff and tutors in the Learning Resource Center, coordinating educational technological initiatives in conjunction with the College Computer Center and Office of Instructional Technology, and arranging student & faculty access to training and support for teaching and learning with technology.

My Vision for NCLCA

The National College Learning Center Association have been providing excellent professional development opportunities, guidance and support for Learning Center professionals for many years.  With student retention emerging as an institutional priority for many colleges and universities, the need for high performing learning assistance programs will be essential to meet institutional strategic goals and targets. Learning assistance programs have increasingly embraced the need for summative and formative assessment of effectiveness, ranging from the measurement of individual student outcomes to pioneering research in teaching and learning (Norton & Agee, 2014). Programs and learning assistance professionals also enjoy growing partnerships with other institutional departments and external organizations that promote data-informed decision-making processes coupled with research in teaching and learning.  I envision the NCLCA increasing its exceptional support to new and experienced academic support service professionals while continuing to be the leading national and international organization for providing support to learning center professionals.

Stacey Blackwell Senior Director, Learning Centers | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Current Position

My current position is Senior Director of the Learning Centers at Rutgers-New Brunswick. I oversee four centers and supervise a staff of ten full-time professionals, with over three hundred student and part-time staff. Our core programs are Group Tutoring, the Learning Assistant Program, Academic Coaching, Writing Coaching, Study Groups, and the Peer Leader Training Program. In addition, we offer for-credit courses in Peer Instructor Education, Research Preparation, and Graduate School Preparation. We also partner with faculty and staff in educational research and grant writing.  I am part of the Executive Team for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and serve on multiple committees and teams within the university. I have an M.A. in English and an Ed.M. in The Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education.

Prior Service, Publications, & Presentations with the NCLCA

I serve on the editorial board for TLAR and on the editorial team for the NCLCA Newsletter. I also serve as a reviewer for conference proposals. I presented “An Introduction to the Preparation in STEM Leadership Program, an NSF-Funded Initiative to Enhance the Career Readiness of STEM Students” at the 2015 NCLCA National Conference and have published “Developing the Preparation in STEM Leadership Programs for Undergraduate Academic Peer Leaders” (Spring 2017) in the TLAR.

Vision for the NCLCA

Learning Centers, in their variety of forms, should be perceived by all parties (faculty, students, and administrators) as vital elements of a successful institution, and should be a hub of innovation and student engagement in academic pursuits. The NCLCA is well positioned to support its members in ensuring that their work is supported by a full body of research that informs its practices, viewed as credible and necessary by the institution’s community, and responding to the needs of an ever-changing student population.

To do this, learning centers must situate their services firmly on evidence-based best practices and continuously evaluate their work in response to educational research findings. The NCLCA can be the primary organization that advances this research, promotes community-building, and provides professional development opportunities for learning center professionals. In doing so, the organization helps to inform, energize, and cultivate the talents of learning center professionals, enabling them to fully realize their potential as agents of change and advocates of student-centered learning at their institutions.

I have come to know an impressive number of dedicated, innovative, and determined individuals through the NCLCA and I am immensely encouraged by the idea that this organization can support its members in fully utilizing their talents to impact student success.

recording secretary

Susan Rinaldi Director of Triton Achievement Hub | University of California, San Diego

Level 3 Learning Center Leadership Certification

Thank you for considering the following self-nomination for the position of Recording Secretary for the 2017-18 NCLCA board.  Currently I serve the University of California, San Diego students, colleges, staff, and other stakeholders as Director of the Triton Achievement Hub.  I am currently certified at Level 3 with NCLCA and have presented at conferences which include NCLCA, Western Association of Schools - Colleges Academic Resource, UC system-wide, university department and division specific, and others.  I currently support and manage three efforts funded (grants) by the office of the University of California President to serve first generation, underrepresented students.

In this inaugural role, I develop academic support programs serving all students. These programs are new to the university in their scope and mission. This includes Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, Peer Mentors, and Learning Strategists and in support of Student Success Programs for new, incoming undergraduate and transfer students.  The programs are grounded in learning, developmental, and social theory and synergy.  These programs’ student staff operate under a heading, Triton Achievement Partners.  As “Partners” they contribute to each other’s knowledge of students they serve and institutional knowledge needed to successfully manage work. Leonard Geddes of Learn Well Projects is a collaborator infusing throughout the programs the theoretical base of metacognition.  This intentional effort assists student staff to develop awareness of how to study, how to manage university learning requirements and intentionality for achieving learning levels for content mastery with students participating in the programs.

These efforts demonstrate that I am able to develop vision and organizational and communication skills at all levels with the ability to reach a variety of stakeholders.  These skills would contribute well to the position of NCLCA Recording Secretary. 

In my current position and previously as Associate Director of the University of Arizona, THINK TANK, my responsibilities entailed online programming contributing to my increasing knowledge and support of web conferencing.  I am able to strategically create a mission and understanding of “program needs” for online presence. I am establishing online tutoring via Adobe Connect and have used GoToMeeting for colleague conferencing and interview settings.

NCLCA has been a leader in my own professional development and set the bar, by the organization’s structure, contributors and participants in growing exceptional learning centers nationally.  I wish to contribute to enhancing communication with all members and potential members of this great association as they continue their mission of serving students and higher education institutions.

Julie Clevenger Executive Director | Lincoln Land Community College

Level 1 Learning Center Leadership Certification

Hello NCLCA members! My name is Julie Clevenger and I am proudly entering my tenth year as the Executive Director of the Center for Academic Success (CAS) at Lincoln Land Community College. I would be honored to be elected as the next Recording Secretary on the NCLCA Executive Board of Directors. I believe my strong organizational skills, my dedication to the NCLCA organization and my great attention to detail make me a qualified candidate for the position of Recording Secretary.

1. My current job position and my unique qualifications for this board position:

As Executive Director of the CAS, I am responsible for planning, organizing, supervising and administering all aspects of offering services to students for assistance in the development and/or improvement of learning and content skills. Areas that I oversee include the Study Skills Center, the Math Center, the Writing Center, Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, the Accessibility Services Office and the Make-Up Testing Center. As one can imagine, juggling the operations of all of these areas requires solid organizational skills. If elected as Recording Secretary, I will utilize these skills to ensure that any revisions to the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws and all updates to the voting record and NCLCA archives are accurate and completed in a timely manner.

Other responsibilities in my current job position include developing and maintaining record-keeping and statistical collection procedures for the CAS, as well as coordinating and providing data required for grant reports and college A-1 and Underrepresented Groups reports. Center records must be accurate and up-to-date. I believe this is another skill I can bring to the Recording Secretary position to successfully record and maintain board meeting minutes.

The Executive Director of the Center for Academic Success also serves as the chairperson for the College Success Skills (CSS 100) course. In this role, I am responsible for scheduling all sections of CSS 100 each semester (both on the Lincoln Land Community College main campus and at our four Outreach Centers) and assigning faculty to teach each section. I also schedule and lead faculty meetings each semester to provide CSS 100 instructors with the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and share ideas for enhancing instruction of the CSS 100 course.  As Recording Secretary, I will utilize my experience in this area to schedule board meetings and do all I can to enhance communication among board members and general membership.

2. Prior service, certifications, grants, publications, and presentations involved with NCLCA:

I have been an NCLCA member in good standing for 12 years. During this time, I have been awarded Learning Center Leadership Certification – Level 1 (2008), served as a moderator for the breakout session with former keynote speaker Marcus Engel (2010 conference), staffed the NCLCA conference registration desk (2015), and served on the NCLCA conference proposal review team (2016).

3. My vision for NCLCA

My vision for the NCLCA is a simple one. I wish to see the organization continue to grow and to further share our love of learning and academic assistance with new learning center professionals. I have had the pleasure of working in this field for over 18 years in several different capacities and joining the NCLCA introduced me to a vast resource of learning assistance experts who truly care about student success. My hope is that the NCLCA will become a key component in the training process for new learning center leaders and will serve as an inspiration for academic support professionals all over the world. 

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