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Exhibitor Info - Additional Details

Important Additional Information

Please read through the following important pieces of information.


Please note that I am available and willing to assist you in determining the most effective package to fit your needs and budget. You can come to me with a dollar range, desired amount of attendees, and type of promotions you’d like to be a part of, and I’ll work with you to set up the most advantageous package for you. Contact me with any questions whatsoever.


ALL vendor sales and registrations will be completed through the NCLCA Vendor Registration page at www.nclca.org/ExhibitorRegistration. No registrations should be entered into the member conference registration portal – all transactions must be completed through the Exhibitor portal. If you have erroneously entered into the membership registration portal, please contact me to cancel that registration and begin anew on the exhibitor side.


Vendors are given the opportunity to present a concurrent session if the purchase includes a sponsorship at any level - including all “SO” options, and any purchases that reach Conference-Level Sponsorship Status of Silver, Gold , or Platinum. You will be asked as part of the registration process whether you’d like to submit a proposal to host a concurrent session. Upon registration, if you indicated a desire to present a concurrent session, and if the purchase qualifies the offer, you will be emailed a link to a private session proposal form. All concurrent sessions (whether guaranteed via sponsorship or not) must be approved by the Professional Development committee.

  • Vendor Concurrent sessions will be labeled as such – our members value the transparency of knowing what type of session they are walking into. If you are partnering with an institution, the session will still be labeled as a Vendor Related session. Any proposals that were submitted via the session proposal process for Members will be declined and placed on hold for exhibitor consideration.
  • If your purchase does not qualify you for a “guaranteed” session, and you still would like to be considered, please check the box on the registration form associated with your interest in presenting during a concurrent session slot. If space remains after the assignment of the guaranteed sessions, we will work to ensure all those interested are included.


The Exhibitor Grand Opening is the Pre-Kick-Off to the Conference, directly preceding the Welcome Reception whereas conference attendees are purposefully and intentionally led into the exhibitor area prior to the official welcome reception. Perhaps this is a good time to raffle an item, or set up some social media buzz around the event – it’s designed to ensure exposure for you. Accordingly, all vendors with Exhibitor Tables are expected to be in attendance and set up prior to the Exhibitor Grand Opening on, Oct. 4, 2019 at 6PM. Failure to have table set and attended could result in loss of coordinated space for the duration of conference. It is VERY important that all of our space is ready to go prior to the Exhibitor Grand Opening – be sure to plan accordingly re: flights, checking-in, traffic, etc.

Vendor Relations will send an exhibitor schedule to help you plan the time and maximize exposure to the conference attendees.


You will have the opportunity to pay as part of the Registration Process via PayPal (secured transaction, no log-in required). Invoicing also includes procedures for mailing a check to NCLCA Treasurer as payment.


All Exhibitors/Advertisers/Sponsors receive FREE mention in our Conference Program App: Guidebook. All Vendors should send preferred digital marketing materials in the following specifications for proper representation in the app and on the web.

  • Header Image – 640px wide by 240px tall – no greater than 2MB in JPG/PNG format. This can/should include promo info, if applicable.
  • Thumbnail Image – 240px wide by 240px tall – no greater than 2MB in JPG/PNG format. This should be a company image. 

Depending on your sponsorship choices, you may be required to send other images, information, links, etc. Check your email after your registration processes for information regarding additional requirements for follow-up. Guidebook will go live during the month of September as builds continue – your timely submission of info in the proper format will get you into Guidebook earlier and thus maximize the opportunity you have to engage with conference attendees.

NOTE: NCLCA does NOT publish or distribute Conference attendee information – however, you are more than encouraged to engage with attendees via the Guidebook Messaging, Interact, and Contact features. You are also encouraged to engage in digital contact sharing or interacted list generation at your table.


Contact William Neater, NCLCA Executive Board Member, Marketing and Vendor Relations – wneater@nclca.org  

“As the board member charged with coordinating vendor relations for conference, I am proud to welcome you to conference planning for Louisville. Before the conference, my role is to ensure that you maximize your investment in our Sponsorship opportunities and handle every aspect of preparation, so your company, product, and people are ready for Conference. During #NCLCA2019, I want to ensure a productive and enjoyable experience for all – to ensure your product and company receives the attention it deserves and ensure your return to future Conferences and NCLCA events. I look forward to helping.” W. Neater

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