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2019 institute

Format & Schedule

Learning centers at institutions of higher education serve as interactive, academic spaces designed to reinforce and extend student learning in physical and/or virtual environments. These environments offer a wide variety of comprehensive support services and programs to enhance student academic success, retention, and completion rates by applying best practices, student-learning theories, and addressing student-learning needs from multiple pedagogical perspectives. Staffed by professionals, paraprofessionals, faculty, and/or trained student educators, learning centers reinforce the holistic academic growth of students by fostering critical thinking, metacognitive development, and academic personal success.

IMPORTANT: This is a WORKING Institute, so please plan to bring a laptop or smart tablet and any resources that you’ll need for your desired outcome.  For example, if your goal is to develop a budget/funding plan, be sure to bring the information you’ll need to work on that project.

Day 1

Sunday, June 23 – Arrival & Welcome: Welcome to Chateau on the Lake! After a brief orientation that introduces attendees to the concept and the mentors, we’ll share in a reception and some entertainment and enjoy the venue.

Day 2

Monday, June 24 – The Service & Your Institution – Proving It Works: Each mentor will provide attendees with an overview of their service specialty area. They’ll discuss the following questions:

How does this service support the institution? What is the campus culture in relation to the development of this particular service? What data do I need to report at my institution to ensure funding? How do I cultivate faculty and campus buy in? How do I assess the connection to the strategic plan? How about effectiveness? How does it affect retention?

Day 3

Tuesday, June 25 – Mentor Groups – Drilling Down: Attendees will choose two of the mentors and explore the ramifications of implementing or improving the service at their home institution. They’ll discuss the following questions:

How would scholars define the service? How do I implement it in my learning center? How do I track its usage? How does this service work in virtual environments? How do I hire employees? Student workers/graduate assistants? Professionals? Both? How does the synergy between units work?

Day 4

Wednesday, June 26 – Wrap-Up & Departure: Mentors will help you tie it all together as you plan to take your center to the next level and plan to meet again during the pre-conference sessions at NCLCA’s annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

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