Concurrent Sessions

We are seeking proposals for sessions that are closely focused on issues of learning center administration.  Do you have experience to share concerning practice, research or theory?  How does your learning center represent the students at your institution? How do you engage those students?

Proposals in the past have centered on topics such as:

  • Best practices
  • Student success and retention
  • Program/center start-up
  • Program/center assessment
  • Tutor/mentor/SI Leader training
  • Hiring and staffing
  • Funding
  • Campus partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Early academic alert and intervention programs
  • First year or second year student programs
  • Programs designed for at-risk populations
  • Programs designed for specific populations (online learners, transfer students, international students, athletes, students with disabilities, etc.)
  • Technology

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Presenters will conduct a formal, in-depth presentation (often supported by electronic media) that will ideally include time for discussion as well as supplementary materials

View/download a sample Concurrent Session proposal     MS WORD     |         PDF        

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will take place during a 60-minute block in which attendees rotate in order to participate in informal conversations.  Presenters will prepare a poster and, ideally, supplementary materials will be available.

View/download a sample Poster Session proposal     MS WORD     |         PDF        

Mini-engagement sessions

 Mini-engagement Sessions will take place between concurrent sessions in scheduled 15-minute blocks where presenters demonstrate their favorite student-centered engagement activity. These sessions should present a mini-lesson in a memorable, active way, demonstrating quick activities which participants can immediately use in their trainings, workshops, and more.

 View/download a sample Mini-engagement Session proposal     MS WORD             PDF         

For the convenience of the attendees, presenters will provide their materials for publication on the NCLCA website after the conference.


All proposals will be submitted to a committee for review.  The committee will be judging based on the following criteria, and will judge a proposal as “accepted,” “rejected,” or “returned with revision suggestions.”

  • Does the proposal address a topic that is specifically tied to issues relevant to learning center administration and relevant to an audience of learning center professionals?
  • Specific to concurrent sessions: Does the proposal describe an interesting and interactive method of presentation that encourages participants to apply new information to their own centers?
  • Specific to mini-engagement session: Is the proposal immediately applicable to most learning center spaces? Does it make participants think?
  • If applicable, is there positive feedback from past NCLCA conference presentations?


Late submissions may be considered if space is available, but no extensions are planned.

If you have any questions about developing and/or submitting a proposal, please contact Diana Garland, NCLCA Professional Development Officer: DianaGarland@missouriState.edu

Any other questions about the conference can be directed to Michael Frizell, Vice President and Conference Chair: MichaelFrizell@MissouriState.edu

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