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call for nominations

to the 2021-22 executive board

Are you ready for a leadership role in NCLCA?! It’s time to elect new officers to the Executive Board of Directors!

We have 4 exciting opportunities on the Executive Board for 2021-22. Our organization thrives based on the dynamic interactions of our membership and our dedicated Executive Board. You can help NCLCA move forward with our mission to provide support and best practices in the field of learning center administration. The four seats open on the 2021-22 board include:

    • Vice President (serves 3 years total: 1 year as VP, 1 year as President, and 1 year as Immediate Past President)
    • Professional Development (2 year term)
    • Recording Secretary (2 year term)
    • Publications Officer  (2 year term)

Vice President

The Vice President’s primary responsibility is to serve as the conference chairperson for the upcoming year. The VP elected this year will be planning the 2022 Annual Conference in Reston, Virginia. This position requires a considerable time commitment, great organizational and communications skills, and an ability to reach out to members to form a strong, collaborative conference committee. Prior experience with event planning is useful. It is strongly suggested that nominees have held a prior seat on the NCLCA Executive Board, as historical and operational knowledge of our organization is key to planning a successful conference.

Professional Development Officer

The Professional Development Officer oversees all professional development opportunities offered by the Association. He/She/They chairs the Professional Development Committee,  serves on the annual conference committee, and is responsible for coordinating the review and selection process of conference proposals, and coordinates all Professional Development Grants and Awards.

recording secretary

The primary duty of the Recording Secretary is to schedule the board meetings (we use “GoToMeeting” web conferencing) and record the minutes. S/he also prepares and submits to the membership any Articles of Incorporation or Bylaw revisions. S/he maintains and updates the voting record and archives of NCLCA, and identifies and evaluates new means of enhancing communication among board members and general membership.

publications officer

The Publications Officer communicates information, deadlines and requests for action between the Board of Directors and NCLCA Newsletter and TLAR (The Learning Assistance Review); serves as editor of the NCLCA Newsletter; serves as a member of the Annual Conference Committee by creating and publishing the conference program (printed and digital); and frequently monitors the website to ensure information is updated and accurate.

"I’m Interested But Have Questions"

If you are interested in any of these roles and would like more information, please contact the current board member holding the position:

Vice President Michael Frizell michaelfrizell@nclca.org

Professional Development Officer Diana Garland PD@nclca.org

Publications Officer Amy Caton catona@nclca.org

Recording Secretary Stephanie Hopkins secretary@nclca.org


Are you ready to step up as a nominee?  Please submit a professional headshot photo and a 400 word statement of interest by May 15, 2021 to gbailey@nclca.org (your headshot and statement will be posted on the NCLCA website and sent by email to all eligible voting members). Your statement should describe:

  1. Your current job position and your unique qualifications for this board position;
  2. Any prior service, certifications, grants, awards, publications, and presentations involved with NCLCA;
  3. Your vision for NCLCA.


  1. Shall be an NCLCA Professional member in good standing (paid current member).
  2. Shall have a minimum of five years of work experience in the field of learning center administration in higher education.
  3. Shall attend the annual 2021 Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama including the Board meeting at the conclusion of the conference.
  4. Shall attend monthly board meetings via web conferencing.

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