pre & post conference workshops


Wednesday, September 27

8:00a to 11:00a

Learning Center Reporting: How to Best Demonstrate Your Center's Impact

Stephanie Walker Director, Academic Success Center | Kent State University

Kjera Seregi Senior Institutional Research Information Officer | Kent State University 

Your learning center is doing amazing work.  You have a talented staff that truly fosters metacognition and strengthens the learning happening at your institution.  However, when it comes time to make some major decisions that impact your learning center’s resources, your impact is somehow overlooked and your value is understated.  Come to this institute to learn how to create (or align) your reporting practices to meet larger institutional aims.  A learning center director and senior institutional research officer team up to deliver an interactive institute that will leave you with a plan of action to take back to your campus.  

Elevating Student Success Through Coaching

Dr. Russ Hodges Associate Professor | Texas State University

Amber Sarker Doctoral Student | Texas State University

In this interactive session, participants will learn strategies to coach students to think critically, improve metacognition, and make choices that positively impact their academic and personal success. Through demonstrations and activities, participants will experience how coaching taps into intrinsic motivation and engages students in creating a vision for their future.


11:00a to 12:00p | FREE LUNCH to attendees of a morning and afternoon pre-con

Wednesday, September 27

12:00 Noon  to 3:00p

The New Director Tool Kit

Alan Craig Director, Learning & Tutoring Centers (retired) | Georgia Perimeter College (retired)

Are you a new learning center director? Learn how to gain traction in your new environment and develop the basis for an action plan for the next year. In this session attendees will determine the exact topics to explore depending on interest and experiences in the group. Topics may include: conducting an internal review, developing vision & mission, managing and improving daily operations, dealing with bureaucracy, and more!

Wednesday, September 27

1:00p  to 3:00p

Rapid Fire Workshop: Economical Ways to Integrate Technology into Your Learning Center

Marci Powell Keynote Speaker | President/CEO of Marci Powell & Associates

A special 2-hour concurrent session designed to give learning center professionals instantly applicable ideas for utilizing technology in their learning commons spaces.


Saturday, September 30

1:00p  to 4:00p

KISS and the Beauty of the Familiar: Using SAMR to Plan Digital Space for Tutoring, Tutor Resources, and Tutor Networking that is Familiar and Easy to Use

Dr. Jennifer Haley Learning Center Director | Ball State University

Elizabeth Fallon Learning Center Tutor Coordinator | Ball State University

Educators are often mistaken in their assumption that students are tech-savvy and can easily adapt to any form of technology with which they are presented.  They are tech-savvy within the environs of their own familiar digital spaces, and that is exactly where we must meet them.  Are you ready to plan digital space for your learning center—online tutoring, for one example?  We have tried the “throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” approach, and the results have been disappointing and messy.  Join us to discuss the theoretical foundations of the power of the familiar and how those theories apply to learning center practice.  Learn how to utilize a SAMR model for technology planning.  What already works?  What problem are you trying to solve?  Who is your audience?  What demands are there from upper administration?  Will the technology act as a Substitution, Augmentation, Modification or Redefinition?  Will it enhance or completely transform your programming?  And will your digital space follow the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle of minimalism?  Join us to plan for digital space that will be familiar and easily-accessible for tutoring, tutor resource-sharing, and tutor networking.  We will be playing in the sandbox with familiar technologies such as live chat, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube to brainstorm ways to use those platforms for learning center purposes.

Preparing Your Learning Center Programs and Assessment Plan to Stand up to Professional Standards

Laura Sanders Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Engineering | Valparaiso University

Assessing student learning is heard over and over again in institutions of higher learning. This applies not only in the classroom but in our learning centers as well. This session will explore how learning center standards can be used to guide assessment plans and to form the foundation for implementing measurable learning outcomes. Participants will work through the process of developing learning outcomes and establishing tools to measure them. This process will allow you to set the stage for developing a framework for showcasing your assessment results and the accomplishments of your learning center.

What’s Your Image?: Making Your Learning Center More Visible and Attractive

Debbie Malewicki Director, Center for Learning Resources | University of New Haven

We will explore how to make your department visible and attractive to students and open communication with faculty and staff to increase referrals. We will discuss: elevator speeches, creation of a logo/slogan, flyers, social media, website design, classroom visits, student activities, celebratory events, and parent presentations. We will begin with a brief discussion of data collection and assessment and then move into a practical set of recommendations for your department.  Participants ideally should bring a laptop, some examples of marketing materials, and photos of your space for discussion (if applicable) and be prepared for a series of collaborative exercises.

Facilitating Autonomy & Independence: How The Academic Success Center at Texas A&M University Empowers Student Success

Kathleen Speed  Representatives of the Academic Success Center at Texas A&M University

The Academic Success Center at Texas A&M University was certified as an NCLCA's Learning Center of Excellence in 2015. At the core of our student centered approach is the belief that we foster and promote independence and autonomy.  Our center offers students a wide variety of options to choose from that promote engagement and opportunities to succeed.  

Participants will be given a comprehensive notebook (bound and digitized) that will include

•           Forms

•           Presentations

•           Handouts

•           Procedures and Process Step Information

•           Training materials

We will show how students work with our Center: 

First year students – new student conferences, summer programs, state-wide outreach Probation Students – initial contact, Fresh Start Orientation, Certificate Program Options Transfer Students – peer mentor outreach, online resources, and community service opportunities Student’s needing academic support – Supplemental Instruction (SI), tutoring, academic coaching, workshops/classes, and on-line information Students needing to meet Texas Success Initiative requirements – classes and contract students Peer mentors, SI leaders, and Tutors – training and professional development Professional staff – training and professional development Parents/Advisors/Faculty/Departments – website, outreach, training, presentations

We see student success as the intersection between the programming we offer and how each student defines success.  The choice in what services to use promote not only engagement, but independence and autonomy. 

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