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wifi codes and shipping information

convention wifi

The Network name/SSID you will need to associate your computer’s wireless connection while on the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex premises is: BJCC WI-Fi

To utilize the meeting room HSIA solution, please launch your Internet browser and type in a URL. (i.e. www.msn.com) You will be presented with a BJCC branded launch page. Please note that some operating systems, iPhones and iPads will automatically launch your login page.

Enter your pass code in box labeled “Enter your access code” then click on “I accept the Terms & Conditions” check box.

Pass code: nclca@2021

VPN users please launch your Internet browser and connect PRIOR to utilizing your VPN solution.

For technical support when utilizing your high speed internet connection, please contact a BJCC IT Team Member.

IT Help Desk – (205) 458-8737 – If no answer, please leave a message and someone will respond as quickly as possible.

Shipping information

To Birmingham Sheraton

ATTN: Group Name

Dates of event

Sheraton Birmingham

2101 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North

Birmingham, AL 35203


0 - 5 lbs. $5 ea.

6 - 20 lbs. $10 ea.

21 - 50 lbs. $15 ea.

Over 50 lbs. $25 ea.

Crates $50 ea.

Pallets $100 ea.


(Charged as follows after the third day—not including Sat. & Sun.)

0 - 50 lbs. $5 ea. per day

Over 50 lbs. $7 ea. per day

Crates $10 ea. per day

Pallets $15 ea. per day


0 - 50 lbs. $5 ea.

Over 50 lbs. $10 ea.

Crates $25 ea.

Pallets $50 ea.


Contact: Ralph Taylor

(205) 704-4597


Office Hours: M - F | 7:30am - 4pm (Closed Sat. & Sun.)

Always plan to ship packages to be received on site no more than three (3) business days prior to the beginning of your event. Items received any earlier will not be accepted.

Always identify your packages with the Name and date of the event and the name of the Meeting & Event Manager you are working with.

Events should first engage the show decorator to arrange for shipping and receiving.  Contact your Meeting & Event Manager before shipping pallets of materials.

Items should be shipped to:


DOCK # 1

TO: Place your name here

ATTN: Place your Meeting & Event Manager’s name here

BOOKING: Place the Name and Dates of Your Event Here

2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North

Birmingham, AL 35202-13347

All packages are to be delivered to Dock 1 and will be stored in the Shipping and Receiving area.

INBOUND PACKAGE HANDLING FEES | This is the standard range of pounds. Minimum fee to be applied to all incoming packages.

0 - 5 lbs. $5

6 - 20 lbs. $10

21 - 50 lbs. $20

Over 50 lbs. $50

Crates $100

Pallets $150

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