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2022-23 Election of nclca officers

As an organization, we value the engagement of our members in the election of our new leadership and governance. 

This year the following 4 positions are up for election:

  • Vice President (3-year term)
  • Marketing Officer (2-year term)
  • Membership Secretary (2-year term)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)

Each of the candidates, the position he/she is running for, the candidate’s position statement, and a photograph of the candidate is listed below. 

Cast your vote by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. on May 10, 2022.



Chris Gulino

My name is Chris Gulino and I am the Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction at the University of South Carolina. I supervise approximately 100 SI Leaders, and a staff of Graduate Assistants. I am currently running for the position of Vice President of NCLCA.

During my tenure as the Marketing Officer for NCLCA, I have served on three national conference planning committees, expanded our partnerships with current vendors, and initiated working relationships with new vendor partners. During my previous term, we expanded our marketing initiatives to include our very popular vendor webinar series, which we have been able to keep free for our members, and have proven to be a valuable form of income for our organization. I’ve worked on creating additional streams of revenue through newsletter marketing for our vendors and I’m committed to the continued growth of our organization.

I’m an engaged member of one of our affiliate organizations, the Southeastern College Learning Center Association (SECLCA), and have worked to plan regional conferences as well. I’m passionate about showcasing the work of our affiliate organizations in order to attract new members to our national organization.

In addition to my NCLCA and SECLCA involvement, I also served as the Co-chair for the inaugural South Carolina Peer Leader Conference. During my role as Co-chair, it was my responsibility to plan and execute all aspects of the conference from opening to closing. I communicated successfully with vendors, conference attendees, and professional staff from other institutions, while managing the deadlines of other committee members. Our committee also worked closely with our marketing team in order to execute our vision and ensure the creation of our promotional materials.

I’m excited about the opportunity to build on the growth we’ve seen at the national level and continue to work for you all.


Geoff Bailey

Greetings NCLCA!

My name is Geoff Bailey, and I hereby submit my name for consideration as the NCLCA Marketing Officer. I serve as the Executive Director of REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) at the University of Louisville; a position I have held for eight years. I have worked in learning assistance for the last 21 of my nearly 30 years in higher education, and I have been actively involved in NCLCA and CLADEA professional associations during this entire time. Over the span of my career, I have presented on an eclectic array of topics in our field, including sessions on tutor training, tutoring formats and pedagogies, learning center space design, budgeting and fundraising, assessment and evaluation, academic transitions for adult learners, technological resources in learning centers, and certification for tutoring programs.

Vision for NCLCA

Marketing plays a critical role for both our membership and key partners who have a vested interest in the myriad ways that we help drive student success in higher education. I think it is essential for this role to work with the board in developing a strategic vision for marketing our professional development (webinars, M3, podcasts, etc.) and conferencing, to help expand our vendor partnerships and engagement, and support emerging opportunities that expand our profession and influences the services/programs where we serve students. That vision will help shape consistent brand imaging, written messaging, and the expansion of professional alliances/partnerships and collaborations with vendor partners. NCLCA is on an exciting trajectory, and I am confident I can leverage my prior experience, creativity, and passion for serving others to help further enhance this role, provide engaging and dynamic content, and facilitate the evolving needs of our association.

Prior NCLCA service

  • NCLCA Chairperson, Past Presidents Council: 2021-2023
  • NCLCA Immediate Past President: 2021-2022
  • NCLCA President: 2020-2021
  • NCLCA Frank Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award Committee: 2020
  • NCLCA President’s Outstanding Learning Center Award Committee: 2020
  •  NCLCA / JADE partnership: 2019-Present
  • NCLCA CAS Guides Revision Team: 2019-Present
  • NCLCA Vice-President: 2019-2020
  • NCLCA Innovative Use of Technology Award Committee: 2018-Present
  • NCLCA/LSCHE website award committee: 2017-Present
  • NCLCA social committee volunteer: 2016-Present
  • NCLCA moderator and volunteer: 2012, 2015-Present

  • Certifications and Awards

    • NCLCA/LSCHE Website Excellence Award: 2020
    • NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional, Level 4 (lifetime): 2016
    • NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional, Level 3 renewal: 2009
    • NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional, Level 3: 2007

  • Selected Publications

    • Bailey, G. K. (2020). Comprehensive learning assistance center strategies for dealing with unprecedented change during COVID-19. The Learning Assistance Review, 25(Special Issue), 3-19.
    • Bailey, G., & Watkins, J. (August 2019). REACH helps close the achievement gap in intervention mathematics courses. National College Learning Association newsletter.
    • Lewine, R., Manley, K., Bailey, G., Warnecke, A., Davis, D., & Sommers, A. (2019). College success among students from disadvantaged backgrounds: “Poor” and “rural” do not spell failure. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, and Practice, 0(0), 1-13. DOI: 10.1177/1521025119868438
    • Bailey, G. K. (2018). The value of accreditation for learning centers and their programs. NADE Digest, 9(2), 14-15.
    • Bailey, G. K., Jacobs, A., & Morrison, E. (February 2014). Campus visit: UNCG online tutoring. National College Learning Center Association newsletter. Retrieved from https://nclca.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/Publications/Newsletters/14winter.pdf
    • Bailey, G. K. (July 2013). Tutor spotlights. National College Learning Center Association newsletter. Retrieved from https://nclca.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/Publications/Newsletters/13summer.pdf
    • Bailey, G. K. (2010). Tutoring strategies: A case study comparing learning center tutors and academic department tutors (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database (UMI No. 3403672).
    • Bailey, G. K., & Rhodes, E. (2010, Spring). Academic assistance offered for nurses at UNC Greensboro. National College Learning Center Association newsletter. Retrieved from https://nclca.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/Publications/Newsletters/10spring.pdf


    Geoff is a Past President for NCLCA and served as Vice President, President, and Immediate Past President (2018-2020). He earned the NCLCA Certified Learning Center Professional (Level 4) lifetime achievement in 2016 and has served on the Frank Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award Committee, President’s Outstanding Learning Center Award Committee, Innovative Use of Technology Award Committee, NCLCA/LSCHE Website Award Committee, and Conference Social Committee.

    Moreover, Geoff serves as the Executive Director of REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) and Testing Services at the University of Louisville. He received a BS degree in Sports Medicine from Guilford College, and both his MS in Counselor Education and PhD in Higher Education Administration from UNCG. Geoff’s commitment to a servant leadership philosophy is evidenced in both his extensive institutional service and commitment to professional organizations. Additionally, Geoff serves as an adjunct faculty member for the College of Education at the University of Louisville where he teaches graduate level coursework for both the College Student Personnel and Higher Education Administration programs, as well as serving on doctoral comprehensive exam review and dissertation committees. His research interests include the impact of learning centers on student success, persistence and retention efforts, assessment, and academic self-efficacy.

    MEMBERSHIP Secretary

    P. Brandon Johnson

    My name is P. Brandon Johnson, and I am your current Membership Secretary, and it has been my pleasure to serve you these past few years. For over ten years, I have worked in higher education and within the learning center profession. From my time as an Academic Advisor/Black male retention coordinator at NC A&T SU to my current role as Associate Dean for Student Success and Transformative Experiences at the University of Utah, I have seen the critical role learning centers play in the success of college students.

    Being a National College Learning Center Association member has connected me with colleagues nationwide. Those colleagues and friends have helped me brainstorm ideas for new programs, opened their learning centers for tours, and shared advice with me when making decisions. Most of all, they have shown me that there is a community of learning center professionals I can commiserate with when times are tough (budget cuts or a global pandemic) and celebrate wins and accomplishments. This community also has allowed me to share lessons learned and breakthroughs during NCLCA and affiliate conference presentations, pre-conference sessions, webinars, and publications in TLAR and the NCLCA newsletter.

    Connecting more people to this community is one of the reasons I ran for Membership Secretary. The other was to increase the number of members from Minority Service Institutions. Connecting and diversifying our membership (institution type, region, race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, age, etc.) is why I want to continue in this position. It has been a privilege to introduce many learning center professionals to NCLCA – some of whom were from MSIs, during my time as Membership Secretary. I also enjoyed assisting in the formation or reorganization of affiliate chapters. But one of the best aspects of this position is that I get to help the members.

    Whether by email or in person during conferences, I feel that connecting with members is essential to the “membership experience.” I am grateful for the opportunity to assist many of you with questions, connect you to appropriate resources, and activate new memberships. I hope that I have the chance to continue to serve you as Membership Secretary and work to find new ways to enhance your membership experience.

    Joanna Kourtidis

    My name is Joanna Kourtidis and I’m writing to express my interest in the position of Membership Secretary. I currently serve as the Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center at the University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL). I began as a part-time Learning Specialist in 2011, transitioned to full-time in 2012, and was promoted in 2019 to Assistant Director. My strong organizational skills support my experience in planning, recruitment, and assessment.  At my institution, I’ve served as co-Chair for Non-academic assessment for three years, served on HLC and Writing Assessment committees, and served as chair for the Women’s History Month Committee for five years. In these roles, I’ve paid close attention to details and documentation, advocated for faculty, staff, and students, and made sure that all stake-holders are presented with information in a timely manner. My service as facilitator for our First Year Experience and my work as Conference Coordinator for our Undergraduate conference (2012, 2014) gave my additional experience with recruitment, outreach, and database organization.

    I have served as NCLCA LCLC reviewer since 2016 (and hold Level 2 credentials) and have given various presentations at NCLCA conferences over the years. I’ve presented on managing student employees (2015), building faculty allies (2017), and assessment and report-writing (2018).  I’ve also presented at regional conference on first year mentors (2021) and co-presented in 2017 at CRLA on the impact of learning assistance experience on pedagogy.

    I joined NCLCA when I first entered the field in 2011/2012, and my first conference was in 2014. Over all of that time, I have always been impressed with the collegiality and support that the organization provides to professionals, no matter where they are in the stage of their career, the size of their institution, or the details of their professional development plan. In times of ever-stretched resources, participation in organizations like NCLCA is all the more crucial, and I hope as Membership Secretary to help reach and develop new members as well as to continue to retain the valuable voices of experience for the variety of institutions we currently have as members.

    Jennifer Tilbury

    Hello, I am Jennifer Tilbury. I wear many hats at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I have been teaching writing, literature, and study skills since 2000. I am the Director of Student Success and an Associate Professor of Writing and Developmental Studies. I direct our UAF Community and Technical College’s Learning Center. We just received the NCLCA Learning Center certification this year! I’ve been the director of the center since 2012 and, with the help of dedicated staff and supportive administrators we’ve since renovated our primary space, developed online math and writing tutoring implemented embedded tutoring in our developmental math and writing classes, and have added program-specific tutoring workshops. A passion project of mine is adding targeted support for dual enrolled students. For the past two years I have been teaching study skills classes to our middle college students and successfully advocated adding two embedded tutors to that program. Our institution is unique in that our community college and 4-year programs are housed under one university, offering endorsements through PhD’s. While the community college learning center that I direct is strong, academic support for our 4-year programs is decentralized and sporadic. I received a promotion recently to coordinate efforts to design and lead a new student success center at our central campus with a range of academic tutoring, first year and career advising, and testing services.

    I have been a member of NCLCA for the past two years. I presented at last fall’s conference in Birmingham and am a recipient of the Brenda Pfaehler Professional Development Grant. I’ve attended numerous NCLCA webinars. I am currently developing a presentation proposal for this fall’s conference and look forward to attending. NCLCA is the most valuable professional organization that I’ve joined during my many years in higher education. The natural next step for me is to become involved in NCLCA leadership and I know I have a lot to contribute to this organization: I am experienced with both community education and baccalaureate degree-seekers, over the years I’ve worked as a tutor, as a faculty member, and now as a student success administrator. COVID emphasized the role of academic support professionals. I envision NCLCA supporting our members as they re-engage with struggling students. To maintain and increase membership, I will work to increase NCLCA online offerings outside of conference/institute times and analyze membership data by region to see where we can build capacity.

    treasurer Officer

    Juan Jiménez

    Juan F. Jiménez is the Associate Dean of General Studies at Western Technical College (La Crosse, WI). Since 2018, he has served as Treasurer of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA). In that time, he has helped the Board transition the financial processes to become more electronic, online, and easier to navigate. The Board has adopted Financial Policies to become nimbler in how it handles income and expenses and ensured that fiscal procedures are in place to protect the monies entrusted to the Association by the membership. Even during the pandemic, Juan worked with the NCLCA leadership to maintain fiscal stability in uncertain times.

    Juan holds Learning Center Leadership Certification Level 3 and has presented at the local, state, and national level on designing and developing effective learning centers in post-secondary education. He has also recently been reelected to the local school board for a 3-year term, which allows for the opportunity to envision the developmental trajectory of students from the P-12 system into higher education.

    The NCLCA is a professional organization dedicated to the professional growth of learning center leadership. It is imperative to ensure NCLCA has a bright future by supporting:

    1. The growth of affiliates, within the United States and beyond;
    2. Working toward greater access of our programming, awards, and publications by finding ways to translate our work into different languages, and;
    3. Woking toward maintaining affordable opportunities for professional growth and fiscal strength.

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