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Iclca Institute

The ICLCA Institute is a small gathering of learning center leaders which features several nationally recognized mentors who will focus on topics relative to using research based evidence to help develop learning center programs and services.

After reviewing the membership survey, the Executive Board has made the decision to not hold an Institute in 2024. After hearing from our members, it is evident that not enough of our members would be able to attend an Institute for it to make sense financially for the organization. We will be considering a virtual option for the 2025 Institute and can confirm that we will be in-person for our 2026 Institute.

2022 Institute Participants  held June 5-8 in Nashville, Tennessee.

some testimonials about the ICLCA Institute

" To this point, I have been leading based almost entirely on my personal strengths, instinct, experience, and lessons learned through observation of other people's positive and negative leadership traits. For a long time, I was skeptical of leadership scholarship, but the ICLCA Institute has helped me realize that I am in a position of significant leadership (not just in my Center, but increasingly across the College), I am increasingly seeing the value of leadership theory and scholarship. As a result I have set a goal to read more leadership literature and become more comfortable applying it."

Kristin Mulready-Stone

U.S. Naval War College

" The ICLCA Institute was a wonderful experience for me. As a fairly new Assistant Director for our Academic Success Center here at Iowa State University, I was looking for best practices and resources to help me. The Institute gave me that and so much more. The networking opportunities were excellent and there was a nice mix of large and small institutions. I'm looking forward to the Annual Conference! "

Dr. Susan Rhoades

Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center, Iowa State University

" I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to learn, discover, and fellowship with a group of very talented and resourceful professionals.   The structure of the 2018 Summer Institute, framed by the balance between whole and small group activities and discussions, served as a means for me to better understand the complexities, challenges, and gains experienced by today’s learning center leaders.  Prompts, in my mentor group, to reflect upon my leadership style during the “Mirror Moments,” or to delve my values and beliefs served as powerful tools to support my understanding of the impact, or influence, I have to promote change as s a result of my leadership choices. "

Dr. Demetrix Rostick-Owens

Associate Director of Student Learning, Saint Leo University - University Campus

"I’m so glad I came to the ICLCA Institute!  It gave me time and space to think through my role as a leader, make plans for the future, and define changes and improvements that I want to make.  It also provided me opportunities to network and learn from others, including a diverse set of mentors. 

The Institute provided a comfortable and doable amount of challenge (what do I want to get out of this experience?) and support (how can we help you?). 

The schedule for the Institute just made sense.  It was a great blend of time for personal productivity, mentor/group discussion, and presentations by experts in the field.  This is a schedule that works!

Doug Renalds

Director of the Student Success Center, University of Tennessee

The Karen Quinn Scholarship assists one ICLCA member with the cost of the Institute. Find details and guidelines here: Karen Quinn Scholarship.

The mission of the ICLCA Institute: To provide an opportunity for professionals to learn more deeply as they interact with experienced College Learning Center administrators. Apply for the Karen Quinn Scholarship to help cover the cost of the Institute!

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