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learning center job postings

NCLCA is accepting learning center job postings. Jobs will be posted on this site for a minimum of 30 days after receipt or until the application deadline. The newest postings are at the top of the page. To advertise your position here, please send the following to the Publications Officer: Amy Caton at catona@nclca.org
  • Position Title
  • Institution and location
  • Application Link
  • Deadline for application (if applicable)

Please refresh your browser to ensure you are viewing our latest information. The newest postings are at the top of the page

POSITION TITLE:  Associate Director of Success Coaching and Programming

LOCATION:  Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven CT

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Associate Director of Success Coaching and Programming

DEADLINE: November 1

(posted 10/12/21)

POSITION TITLE:  CAS Communications and Marketing Coordinator

LOCATION:  Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  CAS Communications and Marketing Coordinator

DEADLINE: Open until filled

(posted 10/8/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Program Coordinator for Tutoring

LOCATION:  Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Program Coordinator for Tutoring

DEADLINE: 10/22/2021

(posted 10/8/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Supplemental Instruction (SI) Assistant Coordinator

LOCATION: California State University, Fresno, CA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Supplemental Instruction (SI) Assistant Coordinator

DEADLINE: 10/22/2021

(posted 10/7/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Learning Center Tutoring Coordinator

LOCATION: California State University, Fresno, CA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Learning Center Tutoring Coordinator

DEADLINE: 10/19/2021

(posted 10/7/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Coordinator for Supplemental Instruction

LOCATION: Iowa State University, Ames, IA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:   Coordinator for Supplemental Instruction

DEADLINE: 10/18/2021

(posted 10/5/21)

POSITION TITLE: Director of First Year Experience

LOCATION:  Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC (metropolitan Charlotte)

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:   Director of First Year Experience

DEADLINE: 10/31/2021

(posted 10/5/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Instructional Associate- TRIO Student Support Services

LOCATION:   Tarrant County College District, Dallas, TX

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:   Instructional Associate

DEADLINE: 10/27/2021

(posted 10/5/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Academic Coach/Learning Specialist

LOCATION:   Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Academic Coach/Learning Specialist

DEADLINE: Open until filled

(posted 10/5/21)

POSITION TITLE:  Assistant Director of Student Success

LOCATION:   University of Texas San Antonio, Texas

FOR INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Assistant Director of Student Success

DEADLINE: Open until filled

(posted 9/16/21)

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