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pre & Post-conference workshops


Tuesday, September 22

9:00a to 12:00p

Learning Center Directors’ Resource Handbook

Learning Center Directors wear a lot of hats, and it can be challenging and overwhelming to know which hat suits which part of the job! You’re not alone! In this session, seasoned directors will offer their best practices, strategies, and habits, packaged in a Resource Handbook.

Facilitated by  Michael Frizell

Learning Centers of Excellence

The purpose of the Learning Centers of Excellence (LCE) certification is to promote professional standards of excellence for learning centers, recognize the need for flexibility and inclusiveness in meeting these standards, and encourage centers to develop, maintain and assess quality programs and services to enhance student learning. In this session, participants will identify the building blocks of the LCE certification process and learn how to build a successful application packet.

Facilitated by  Laura Sanders

Mini Courses: How to Build College Learning Techniques

College study skills differ from those used in high school. Mini-courses will teach students about researched-based learning principles and methodologies based on the science of learning. Strategies for learning and long term retention are woven in with metacognitive methods to teach study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking, test analysis, developing executive functions, and more.

Facilitated by  Erin Kaplan

Bias Education Training: Establishing a Safe, Supportive Learning Center Community

Incidents of bias happen every day; consequently, learning centers are not immune to the effects of microaggressions and implicit bias. To what extent is your organization proactive in safeguarding against incidents of bias? This workshop will: 1) identify examples of how bias may manifest in tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, or academic coaching relationships; 2) discuss concrete action steps that may neutralize bias; 3) and make a case for the importance of incorporating multicultural competence/bias intervention into your training programs to help tutors, SI Leaders, and peer academic coaches feel equipped, supported, and empowered to effectively identify – and when appropriate - manage these difficult scenarios.

Facilitated by  Abe Saunders

Tuesday, September 22

1:00p  to 4:00p

Is LCLC for Me? Yes! You Can Earn your Learning Center Leadership Certification

Have you already begun the process of gathering materials to apply for LCLC (Learning Center Leadership Certification)?  Or perhaps you are committed to applying but you have just not found the time or necessary resources to get started?  This pre-conference institute is designed just for you!  Come join me to learn more about LCLC, which offers growth and development for learning center professionals by focusing on evolving levels of practice, training, self-reflection, service, publication and presentation, and evaluation.  You will learn more about the four levels of certification and identify which level best suits you.  You will learn the steps for putting the application together into one PDF.  Then we will get to work! 

Substantial time will be provided to work on developing your application by creating a “to do” list for materials that need to be gathered as well as experiences that need to be planned, such as presentations, publications, and service to the profession.  Finally, we will set aside time for you to write your learning assistance position statement and your professional development plan.  The goal is for each participant to emerge with drafts of these two documents as well as a plan and timeline for completing the application. Be sure to bring your laptop and be prepared to work!

Participants will receive a $50 reduced fee when they submit their LCLC application!

Facilitated by  Jenny Haley

The Collaboration of Tutors and Student Success Coaches

This presentation will focus on the Student Success Center at West Chester University, which is a part of the overall learning center: the Learning Assistance and Resource Center. The model of using graduate assistants preparing for higher education careers as success coaches for undergraduate students will be explained. The partnership between tutoring and success coaching will be outlined, showing how these different aspects of the same learning center help students in both content and academic development.

Facilitated by  Kaitlyn Crouse-Machcinski & Rita Patel-Eng


Friday, September 25

1:00p to 4:00p

Building a Comprehensive Tutor Training Program for Students with Disabilities

When students with disabilities (SWD) request learning assistance they may have special needs, which implies that tutor training becomes increasingly important. This session will explain how an institution has proactively addressed these issues and will offer practical strategies and resources for training tutors in the learning center environment. Participants will leave with more information about promising practices, resources, and relevant technology.

Facilitated by  David Reedy & Jackie Harris

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