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Having received monetary donations prior to and during the 2017 conference, more than $2500 has been raised to support the ICLCA Emergency Relief Grant. Ongoing donations are accepted (tax-deductible) through our online store. To make a donation follow the link below.



Nerg - energy!

Recognizing that our members will suffer due to natural disasters and lose much of the gathered material used in supporting student success, the ICLCA has established the ICLCA Emergency Relief Grant (IERG) which is aimed to help replace material quickly. Affected institutions where an established learning center exists are welcome to apply for this grant of between $500-$1000. The funds will be disbursed to an individual leading tutoring/academic support, rather than the institution, shortly after the application is assessed and approved using either Paypal or check. A final report identifying what the grant funds were used to replace is expected within one month of disbursement, maximum one page, submitted electronically to the Treasurer.

Apply for the Emergency Relief

To submit a request for relief assistance,  click here  to download and fill out the IERG application form. 

For more information, Contact Juan Jimenez, ICLCA Treasurer treasurer@nclca.org

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